Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence Review

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Just like the other Perimeter technologies system, Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence is being use with the presence of the Wi-fi Technology. This allows two-way communication between the collar and at the same time base station in order to know and get the ever useful Boundary challenge alert feature.

If you will compare it on the other perimeter technologies which were introduced to you before its collar, is much larger and comes with a little bit of clunky. Typically, this collar is being operated by a specific rechargeable battery as well as other things which include 2 lithium ion batteries and a charger. It is also providing 5 correction levels which can be adjusted and the system itself can manage two collars at a moment.

Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence edge over tight competition on the market is the reliability on the signal. Its system takes pride on the 400 feet range of signal. Though this may seems so accurate and precise in terms of flat and unobstructed conditions as well as optimal but if you are going to face the real score signal can be considered reliable when they are under for about 250 feet. The collar itself highlights specifically two antennae on external basis. This seems to be efficient and effective in boosting up the reliability and inefficiency of the boundary signal as well as that correction delay hours into the minimum one.

What can you found Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence kit?

  • Wifi collar
  • collar tester
  • long and short prongs
  • wifi base station
  • wall charger
  • two rechargeable batteries
  • instruction manual
  • base station mounting hardware
  • 75 boundary flags

The features of the collar

Superior signal

Its Wifi system provides better reception than those wireless systems which is trying to overcome its powerful features.

Water resistant

The collar of Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence is not fully waterproof, that is why it cannot be allowed to be submerged into the water. Unluckily, this system is not designed to be bounded with th water.

Rechargeable Battery

Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence usually comes with two specific two rechargeable collar batteries as well as plug-in charger. They always choose rechargeable batteries and as a bonus there are not just only one but two. Having two batteries, you can have the chance to use the other one while charging the other one.

Individual correction level settings

It also presents 5 independent and adjustable levels of correction settings for every single collar out there. On the other hand, the system can hold two collars at a time.

The features of the base station

LCD Control Screen

The base station will let you take control on the size of the boundary as well as level f the correction so you can easily use the LCD menu.

Boundary Size

This system works best when it is being set at the 300 feet.

Wifi Technology

This technology lets two-way of communication among the collar and the base station.