How to Train Your Dog To Be Friendly to the Guests Coming To Your Home?

Woman training two dogs in the bedroom

Your birthday is coming up soon, and you are planning a grand birthday party with your friends, family members, and colleagues. Your kids will also be there at the event, and you wish to bring your furry friends too in the event to make it complete. But your dog has a fear of meeting strangers, and bringing such fearful dogs may ruin the entire setup of the event. This situation is also the same when new guests come to your home.

Dogs feel terrified, and they start to bark. Controlling such behavior is essential for a dog owner. This is important not only for you but also for the well-being of your furry friend. It may happen that the dog has developed a fear in the past, and therefore, he feels uncomfortable meeting strangers. 

Dog training is a must to control such types of behavior in dogs. You also need to focus on obedience commands to reinforce calm and positive behavior in dogs. You should also take proper steps to introduce your furry friends to new people and strangers. The training may take around seven to eight weeks.

You may see a quick change in puppies, but older dogs require considerable time to bring a positive change in their behavior. It is important to give proper training to dogs because such types of terrified strangers dogs may attack your guests at any time and thereby cause serious injury. 

Here, in this content, you will learn some useful tips on how to train your dog to be friendly with the guests coming to your home. Following these tips will definitely give you a positive result, and you can easily control your dog’s behavioral traits. So, without wasting much time, let’s check out those tips below.

Tips to introduce your dog to new people in a non-threatened and comfortable way

Keep your dog in a separate room unless and until he becomes settled in 

If you have a new guest coming to your home, it is important that you keep your furry friend confined until all your guests are settled in and sit down. 

Let your dog takes the first move 

You should not allow your guests to approach your furry friend first through speech or touch. It may make them frightened. Instead of this, you should wait for your pet to make the first move so that the contact looks acceptable. 

Ask your guests to offer new treats to your furry friend 

Without making any eye contact with the dog, your guests can offer treats to your furry friend by dropping them on the floor. During the process, the new guests should stand in a nearby area and not in front of the dog. 

You should not give a reward to your furry friend if it shows shyness or fear

Giving your dog a reward while continuing to show shyness or fear will delay the entire progress and fear. It will do nothing but delay the progress and increase the likelihood that they will engage in unwanted behavior. 

Try to be patient 

If your dog finds the offered treats desirable, it will feel confident to approach the new person, but this may take some time. You should not rush the process as this may worsen your dog’s fear and shyness. 

Teach your guests

You should take the step to teach your guests who come to your home that they should completely ignore the pet. Make sure that they are not looking at him or talking to him. Well, it may sound quite strange, but this will show that the strangers pose no threat to the pet. 


Practice is an important factor. The above-mentioned tips should be practiced constantly for several weeks to get a positive result. You must not miss following these steps. Socializing with strangers is a slow process, and it may even take months to notice a positive change in your furry friend. You have to keep patience. The change should be brought in him through training and playful activities. Please give them a safe place where they can enjoy playful activities.

If you have a yard, you can create a boundary line around the property by installing an invisible dog fence. The fence helps create a boundary line and keeps intruders away from your home. This is a useful device that serves an important purpose. 

How to introduce your dog to other dogs? 

You may notice that your dog feels uncomfortable while meeting other animals. Here are some tips for introducing your dog to a potential furry friend. 

Start in a neutral environment

You should start the process in a calm and neutral environment that provides only a little chance to distract your dog’s attention. 

Choose well-behaved dogs 

You must try introducing your dogs to well-behaved and confident dogs. This type of introduction will help you in handling such introductions easily. 

Therefore, these are some of the important tips you should follow to train your dog to be friendly to the new guests coming to your home.