Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence Review

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As Motorola adheres to wireless breakthroughs when it comes to creating dog fence, they are again proud of their new excellent product which is the Motorola Wireless for Home and Travel. This dog fence electric system is known for its flexibility that you can even utilize it as a perfect invisible barrier.

This wireless dog fence system includes a very portable wireless fence that is very efficient when it comes to generating boundary. How this is made possible? This is through transmission of radio signals into the collar unit and it can even reach a distance of one hundred fifty feet line of sight with respect to the position of the transmitter. This is just one of the wide ranges of features that this product has to offer.
This system also produces a very excellent warning system. On this account, when your pet challenges the boundary area, the collar will release a warning beep which will be followed by a static correction. What is the purpose of this kind of correction? This is a very efficient feature in order to get the attention of your dog until such time that it will get off of the boundary zone.

If you think that there are underlying risks behind this product, you are mistaken. This is because the collar unit of Travel RF includes safety options that are ideal for those who are very meticulous when it comes to the safety of their dogs. In order to aid your dog, it comes with boundary flags. This is a very important feature especially in times of training your dogs.

Do you want to take your dogs to a beach or camping? Well, you can now satisfy your desire of bringing your pets with you when you’re off away from home. All you need to do is to install the rechargeable battery pack and you can make sure that it will charge even when there is no electric current. This is the reason why it is not just a perfect option for your home but also for travel.

This Portable and Rechargeable Unit can be driven with the use of AAA batter which also includes a battery pack. One of the best things about the battery is that it enables you to operate the dog fence electric system for even up to thirty six hours when you use rechargeable batteries.

Aside from the said features, this product also comes with warning tone as well as vibration that aids in the efficiency of the static correction. It is such a completely portable invisible dog fence system that comes with travel bag and other amazing features that are not present to most systems out there.

As conclusion, Motorola Wireless system is one of the most excellent units that the marketplace can offer. Not only it is a perfect option for those who train their pets at home but it is also a great choice for those who are fond of bringing their dogs away from home. Choose Motorola h Fence system home and travel and you are on a great investment.