Petsafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Review

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Among the best ways on controlling and so protecting your dogs could be through dog fences. One among the most popular and most widely used electric dog fence by many dog owners these days would be the Petsafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence. This system offers numbers of great benefits and advantages especially because of the features offered by its collar and transmitter.

Collar Features

  • This collar is known to be rechargeable and so a versatile one as well. It as well features fast charging technology wherein the battery will be fully charged within two hours. And so a battery that is fully charged could last for almost two months depending on its use.
  • The collar of this system is as well lightweight and compact perfect for those dogs that are into 10 to 15 pounds. It has a small receiver box which fits to a nylon strap of the collar together with quick-release plastic clasp.
  • It as well has four progressive correction levels that range from medium-low up to high. Though the collar is considered to be small it could not always offers comfort for the correction levels could still be too strong especially for those more timid dogs. The correction levels have a progressive nature which could automatically ramp and so increase in strength the moment the dog continuously proceed to the correction zone. In addition, there would be no issue with regards to the numbers of dogs that would be using collars at the same time for each collar has their own level of correction settings.
  • This collar as well includes short and long contact points wherein short ones are used for small dogs having short coats while those long ones are for dogs with longer coats and thicker fur.
  • The collar as well features a pet barrier compatible wherein it is compatible with the indoor transmitter. Through this, you can set up wireless barrier inside your place and so with the fence collar together on the same norm.

Transmitter Features

  • This transmitter could be of great compatible with other collars therefore making it as a good system for those with multi-dog households wherein there are numbers of dogs in different sizes as well as temperaments.
  • This transmitter is considered to be of great alternative for those with more than 10 acres reaching 25 acres. This could be powering up almost 25 acres compared to other transmitter and other systems.
  • It as well features run-through prevention wherein there will be progressive correction once the dog reaches the boundary it would automatically get stronger. It is of great importance if you are to prevent run through in order to attain success with electric dog fence system.

Unfortunately this system lacks in battery backup wherein there would be a possibility that the fence will then go out once the power has goes out therefore leading the dogs being unprotected. But generally, this isn’t a big deal for many pet owners since the overall performance of the Petsafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence is considered to be excellent.