Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

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The Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence is one of the latest wireless system solution from PetSafe. This product is specially designed to create a peace of mind to the pet owners. This system provide freedom to your dog without the need for burying the wires. The small transmitter can be installed inside the home and release the wireless signals that covers up to ¾ of the acres. Through the combination of the transmitters can provide a larger area of coverage. The main feature of the wireless system is the profitability. The system can be easily and quickly taken to camping, cottage, or anywhere that you go.

This system is designed to be rechargeable and waterproof having a small and contoured size for a more comfortable fit to any type of dog. The collar feature of Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence contains the five level static correction and a tone only mode for effective training. The reliability and good quality option this product to those who requires a wireless system are offered. The multiple collars can also be used for the system of having two collars that can be charge interchangeably. This can also fit to all the dog’s size since the collar is adjustable.

The rechargeable collar uses a lithium ion battery that is built in the collar, which can be charge for about two to three hours and it can able to last for about three weeks. The individual correction levels performs different functions that can be adjusted depending on the dog’s capability and size. The features of the transmitter is that it is portable, and its greatest advantage of being a wireless system is that you can take care of your dog wherever you are. The transmitter only requires a standard outlet. In terms of the field size, the transmitter can be adjusted through the knob in the transmitter. Allowing you to have a total relaxation without worrying for your dog.

This system is created for the safety of the dog. However it is also important that you check your dog’s attitude before trying to use the collar. Remember not to use this product to the dogs that are very aggressive since it might lead to a frustrating result and the sad case for this is you might put your life at risk for facing severe injury. This must not also be used for those pets that are already old enough and the attitude can no longer be change.

Though this is proven effective in changing the habit of your pet, a consultation on the veterinarian can be a proper action.This type of worry must not be a ground not to avail the product. This would only serves as a remainder not to apply force during the initial stage of your pet adaption on the new collar or environment. Read carefully the product manual to ensure that your safety and the dog’s safety is kept on the highest level.