PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

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The PIF300 by PetSafe is one of the only 2 systems that does not requiring you to bury a boundary wire. The system is transmitting a boundary that is circular wirelessly. You only need to plug it in, and adjust it the radius that you desire and you are all ready to train your pet. The good thing about the system is that is really easy to install, use and really convenient. Rather than spending your weekend to bury the boundary wire, you can install it in just 5 minutes. Lacking in the boundary wire would also mean that you are not required for maintenance for there is no boundary wire that will be break.

Because it is really easy to set up and it is adjustable, there are many of the customers who are using this product for their vacation homes or when they will take their dog on some camping trips. After you have recovered your strength from the installation, you may train your dog as you usually would using this wireless dog fence. The system will have to be sheltered, so you have to find it a spot in your house or in your shed that is near in the center of your property. There is no problem in transmitting through the walls.

The downside would be lacking in flexibility since this system can only have a boundary that is circular and the unit have to be in the center of that circle. This will be making it impractical for most of the urban dwellers who are living on the rectangular land plots and would want to have a rectangular boundary. It will be most useful if you are living on big plot of land. However, another good thing in this system is that it is expandable, you may still be able to account some areas or your rectangular plot or to have it bigger to also give your pet some enjoyment of his freedom.

The radius of the circular boundary could be adjusted into a maximum of 90ft which is such a fairly radius, covering over half of an acre.

There are many people who want to have a wireless system to live on a really big properties and like something that are able to give their dog a larger space. It has another version having a radius of 200 ft. which can over 2 acres.

If you will be living with the important limitations such as obstructions, 90 foot radius maximum boundary, vague boundaries and circular fields, you will not be able to get much easier solution than this really convenient wireless system. It also comes with the boundary flags which enable you to mark the boundary circle. The best way of locating the boundary line would be with the use of the collar, taking it toward the boundary circle’s edge. When the collar begin to beep, you have to plant the flags in order to mark the beginning of the boundary. It will be until your dog has completely trained with it and that would only take for about 2 weeks.