Stubborn In-Ground Dog Fence Review

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Even the stubborn dogs has to be secure and safe. The In ground dog fence system from Petsafe is designed particularly for those dogs who are hard to train. Warning tone will be able to alert him whenever he is near the boundary. The collar has a five advance levels that can stop the dog from leaving his safe area. You can use the level that is needed that will be able to get his attention. Also it can be used in areas or yards for up to 10 acres.

It is giving your stubborn pets to train with safety and freedom while costing a lot of money compared to those of the traditional fencing, and it’s recommended for dogs who are weighing from 30 pounds and up. It is very easy and quick to install, safe and reliable and with the right training, you will be getting an effective solution. The super lightweight receiver will be worn on the collar of your pet that is picking up a signal from the radio and will alert the pet whenever he is already close to the underground boundary.

Whenever you pet is trained properly, he will then be able to learn to stay in his boundaries that was designated by the radio fence. It also includes a 500 feet of boundary wire and a 50 boundary pads that is sufficient in covering one third acre. This unit is perfect with all of the US 110 volts outlets and must not be used with a 220v international voltage.

PetSafe In-Ground Stubborn Dog Fence – PIG00-10777

A lot of dogs were born so they can test limits. However, the Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence is setting a firm boundaries so you will be able to quickly train them to comprehend. Here is how it is working. You will set a boundary and will bury wires around the area of your yard. Your dog will wear a collar which picks up a signal from its transmitter. Whenever your dog is near the boundary wires, a beep will alert your dog which gives them a chance so they can stop without the need of a correction and for those who will choose to carry on, a safe static correction will remind them so they will stay within the area that you have established.

You can easily adjust the correction level whenever your dog pursues in testing the set boundaries. After like two weeks of training, even those of the most stubborn dogs will start to enjoy their new freedom. For those old dogs who are incapable of hearing who will not easily detect the beep, there is also a special vibration mode and your fuzzy friends will be thanking you for the extra help you made to keep them safe.

This system is consisted of a surge protector, a transmitter that has a power adapter, wire nuts, test light pool, gel-filled capsules, an operating and a training guide, a 500 feet gauge boundary wire, a 50 boundary flags, and a receiver collar with a 9v alkaline battery.